About the Hype: Alkaline Water


There are many brands of alkaline water on the market today that is  capitalizing on the “alkaline diet” trend.

What is alkaline diet? Well, its a concept where the body’s pH is regulated by food consumption and alkaline water is said to be treated to have a higher pH, and technically, be less acidic than tap or bottled water.

Now, it is said by many health scientist and researchers that the human body has very effective methods of regulating the pH in your blood and what we eat and drink will not affect your blood pH, unless you’re sick or have kidney issues. So perhaps it is not necessary to buy this type of water after all?

Personally, I do purchase and drink alkaline water and I do feel a difference as opposed to when I drink regular water from the tap or bottled water with low ph balance.

I think that it comes down to preference. I do believe that as long as we are drinking clean water and plenty of it on a daily basis then we are already investing wisely into our health and bodies.


What do you think? Comment down below!


Top Three Thursday: Top Three Ways to Know that your Relationship is in Trouble

  1. You stop communicating... I know this seems like an obvious and you may be 5thinking “yeah yeah we just stopped talking” but it is more of the talking that you are doing rather than not doing. Conversations become critical of the other person. Your arguments become out of control and disrespectful.
  2. You stop being intimate… the kisses become few and far between and you no longer have the desire to be together sexually. This is the downward spiral.
  3. Making an issue of the past… His past, her past, your past together… when a couple consistently dwells on the past whether it was negative experiences together, good experiences that you no longer have, good experiences that you had with another person that is a HUGE sign of trouble.

See my video below on what I believe to be the BIGGEST sign of a relationship in trouble.


About the Hype: Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening


A Damn Mess! No really…

Okay so I did try this and my first thought was, “damn this is a mess”!

So first, what is charcoal teeth whitening and what does it suppose to do…

Activated charcoal is a finely milled black powder made from coconut shells, bone char, olive pits, coal, sawdust, or other materials. The charcoal is processed with high heat, which “activates” it. This changes its internal structure, making it more porous than regular charcoal. It is said that using activated charcoal on your teeth is effective in absorbing plaque and other compounds that stain teeth. So all in all it is suppose to give you a brighter smile and whiter teeth.

Here is what I have learned and what my experience was. First off, charcoal is abrasive. and a bit harsh on teeth. I read about this after I tried it a few times and found out that it indeed has been known to cause tooth enamel loss.

Also, it is MESSY!!! If you are going to try this, please please please be prepared to have black water and stains all over your sink. I would advise maybe putting an old towel down on the sink as it splatters EVERYWHERE when you are brushing including on your mirror.

Results…. was my teeth whiter? Have others that I have spoken to had a whiter result with their teeth?

My thought is this, for me, it did not make my teeth particularly noticeably whiter. Only saw a slight difference after a week of brushing. However, I have spoken to people who had a little more drastic results but in their case, they did say that they had quiet a bit of staining from different things so it was helpful for them. If you are someone that drinks red wine, tea, or smokes a lot, I can imagine that this would be a good option for you. If you are like me and you don’t do these things and you don’t really have heavy stains, than it wont make much sense for you.

What I use now that keeps my teeth bright is this:

Baking soda, peroxide, a small amount of coconut oil (antibacterial) and a drop of oil of oregano oil (antibacterial and antifungal and great for gums) to make a paste and brush once a day (a night) with this mixture and regular toothpaste brush in the morning.

So what’s the bottom line on this hype?

  1. Use carefully and sparingly as you don’t want to risk losing your enamel which we know we cannot get back.

2. And use only is you have major stains on your teeth and this is NOT for a consistent use.

Good luck!