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Hi there! I am Christina Drake and I am the author of Cooking in High Heels with Christina and Aphrodisia (Aphrodisiac Cooking). Thank you for visiting my blog. I would love to share a little about myself with you and I hope to get to know you as well as all comments and interaction on this blog is welcome.


I wear many hats but one of my most important roles is that of a social work. I enjoy working with youth and serving my community. My work includes homeless family assistance and youth development, as well as Aging Adult services. I graduated from Saint Leo University with a B.A degree is Sociology.  I love my work and have gotten so much from the people that I have encountered.

I am the single mom of a cute little fur baby named Diego.He and I live in Georgia but I am originally from the east coast of Virginia which makes me a total sand and sun girl.



outdoor I began modeling at 13 years old. My mother did not think that I was graceful and she enrolled me in modeling classes and from there I was discovered by an agent. Modeling, although a lot of pressure, it has been so much fun! I have been on the cover of three magazines and the center fold for a national magazine.




I am a major girly girl and cosmetic junkie. I love trying new hair and skin care products and beautiful makeup pallets and lippies. I also LOVE to eat. I try very hard to have a good balance of little indulgences (I cannot seem to resist donuts and cupcakes) and clean eating. I enjoy cooking for other people almost as much as I love partner cooking. Whether in the kitchen with my significant preparing a romantic meal together or laughing and cackling with girlfriends making home made pizza, I just can’t get enough.


I see everyday as a new opportunity to learn, grow and challenge myself to be a great woman for myself, my community and my future as a wife and mother someday. I have a great role model in my life which is my grandmother that you may see me write about in the blog from time to time. She is my inspiration.

Favorite of granny


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My Top favorites List

favorite food is: Donuts

favorite Dining out food: Japanese (Hibachi)

favorite color: blue (indigo)

favorite song: Could you be loved (Bob Marley)

favorite book: What Keeps me standing: A Black Grandmother’s Guide to Peace, Hope & Inspiration

favorite clothing item: fitted strapless dresses

favorite hero: batman

favorite villain: The Grinch

favorite ice cream: rum raisin

favorite vegetable: cucumber

favorite movie: Top Gun+ 2 others (Rocky 4 and Radio)

favorite body part on a man: shoulders/arms

favorite way to relax: on a beach

favorite board game: Sorry!

Favorite football team: New York Giants

Favorite Basketball team: whatever team my boo likes

Favorite car: anything Italian and sporty

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite thing to cook: Fajitas

Favorite thing to bake: Brownies



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