Valentines Day Gift Guide

  If you want to make your significant other feel special on Valentines Day, then do something unique and different and big is not always necessarily the right pick. What do you get her? The universe of course! But in the mean time Her Own Star will just have to do. At the International Star Registry, you can nameContinue reading “Valentines Day Gift Guide”

Top Three Thursday: Get Better Sleep with your Mate

For some couples, sleeping side by side in bed can be bliss, but for otherncouples, it can be pure madness! If you are experiencing the MADNESS here are three was to get better sleep. Create a “sleep friendly” bedroom. As a couple, decide what elements that you both want and need in your bedroom toContinue reading “Top Three Thursday: Get Better Sleep with your Mate”

Top Three Thursday: Top Three Reasons you CANNOT be just Friends with an Ex

Warning: Real Talk First off let me say this is for ex partners that you are still in love with. So you know how it goes with an amicable (ish) breakup, you decide that you are not working out as a couple and that you should be “just friends”. Girrllll….. Dude….. Nooooo!!! After a breakup, youContinue reading “Top Three Thursday: Top Three Reasons you CANNOT be just Friends with an Ex”

About the Hype: Waist Slimmers

  Pooch, faux baby bump, muffin top… no matter what we call it, we can all agree that belly fat is unwanted and waist slimmers may seem like solution for that annoying and highly stubborn stomach fat, but I am sorry to break it to you… per my research and experience, results are only temporary.Continue reading “About the Hype: Waist Slimmers”