Top Luxury Beauty Products

Everyone loves drug store beauty. And what’s not to love? Great prices without compromising quality, and most importantly it’s convenient! There is a drug store pretty much where ever you live or visit. But there is something so pampering and self loving about splurging on some luxuries for your vanity. These three items will take your shower,bath and body experience to the most luxurious next level.

TOM FORD  Soleil Blanc Shimmer Body Oil tom ford

Okay now this retails for about $100 for 3 and a half ounces but it is so worth it! It is described as a body oil that captures the sultry effect of sun-kissed summer skin and tempts the senses with a fragrance of scorching sensuality. I have to agree. It goes on smooth and is very light weight and has a sophisticated scent unlike some of the other shimmer oils that tend to smell like candy or coconut. I usually rub a small amount into my collar bones and on my shoulder bones and it leaves such a beautiful glow without the extreme glittery shimmer of other products. A definite winner!

Fresh  Cocoa Body Exfoliant


This is an indulgent body scrub with antioxidant-rich cocoa butter and nourishing coconut oil to gently buff and smooth for soft, supple skin. It retails for $45 and is easily picked up in Sephora or you can make a quick order from Nordstrom or Nieman Marcus. It smells amazing like warm hot cocoa (if you like that sort of smell) and leaves your body feeling smooth and lovely!

Aman Purifying Body Oil


Okay this is not your vaseline intensive care oil that you can easily pick up at Target. This baby is the King of Kings body oil. It retails for about $135 and is described as a potent and invigorating blend of oils to cleanse and clarify, helping to regenerate skin imperfections, ease aches and pains and restore vitality.

It has vitamin C, moringa oil  and is packed with antioxidants and amino acids and is easily absorbed, filtering out impurities and restoring vitality. Kombu oil, a marine algae is highly regenerative and reparative. Arnica, renowned for its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, helps to ease muscle aches, sprains, swelling or rheumatic issues. 

Arnica oil is so good for pain and swelling. So think of this as a health aid!

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