Count Down to Valentines Day!

You know it’s getting pretty close to Valentines Day and I have taken it upon myself to help you fire Cupids arrow into the hot spot of love. I hope you have read my previous posts on the Foods of Love and are ready to get started ona plan for V-day. This is not just for ladies, men you will be included in on this one too!

Day one- Chocolates

Since you will want to put some thought into a special gift, we will start here first. Let’s first talk about chocolates.

What to get you special guy?

Cooking in High Heels Suggests

If your guy likes chocolates, then consider Liquor Filled Chocolate Candy. Pick some with sensual combinations of creamy delicious chocolate filled with cognac, rum, or sherry. He will love you for it!


If your lady likes chocolate, then you can’t go wrong with Fine Champagne Truffles from La Maison du Chocolat. The center is a smooth, creamy ganache delicately infused with Fine Champagne cognac covered with a layer of dark chocolate and dusted cocoa powder.

Meaning of the Word Valentine
The name Valentine comes from the Latin word valor, meaning worthy.

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