Valentines Day Gift Guide


If you want to make your significant other feel special on Valentines Day, then do something unique and different and big is not always necessarily the right pick.

What do you get her? The universe of course! But in the mean time Her Own Star will just have to do. At the International Star Registry, you can name a star after your sweetheart! With your package you receive a beautiful 12″ x 16″ parchment certificate with the name of your choice, dedication date, and telescopic coordinates of the star. You’ll also receive an informative booklet with charts of the constellations plus a larger, more detailed chart with the star you name encircled in red. Make it even more special by telling her that they have three wishes to make on their star. Make sure you grant each of these wishes!

Valentines is not just for the women. What do we get the men?

Consider gifting your man with something uniquely special also. While most enjoy romance and candles, men really want unbridled physical intimacy! So why not give tem what they want!

My suggestions:

Break out the camera and assimilate a personal “playboy” style photo shoot with him as the photographer/creative director and you as his willing model. But make sure that he knows that the pics are for his eyes only!

Pair that along with some special love tokens from Each set of 10 tokens comes in red pouch imprinted with two intertwined hearts; each one is good for something like “a massage” or good for one kiss. You both will have fun with these.

If you want to go a little sexier, than try some racy love coupons that he can cash in anytime he likes; making your own will make it even better and you can create to say whatever you like.

Valentine’s Day was named for two men, both Christian martyrs named Valentine who were associated with romantic love in the middle ages.

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