Top Three Thursday: Get Better Sleep with your Mate


For some couples, sleeping side by side in bed can be bliss, but for otherncouples, it can be pure madness! If you are experiencing the MADNESS here are three was to get better sleep.

  1. Create a “sleep friendly” bedroom. As a couple, decide what elements that you both want and need in your bedroom to make it comfortable and relaxing. Some suggestions are finding a common ground on the air temperature. This is sooo important! Some like myself prefer a cool dark room with heavy duvets and some people prefer to have it warmer with only a sheet. Find your compromise and make it work. You may need to add a fan to one of the bedside tables, or agree to sleep under separate blankets. If one likes the room dark and the other prefers soft lighting or TV, than consider using a really good sleep mask…. May I also suggest diffusing some essential oils like lavender for a calming affect and maybe even a white noise machine as it tends to be calming and peaceful also.
  2. Avoid negative and emotionally toxic conversations before bed. Stressful topics less than an hour before bedtime can affect deep sleep and cause overall unrest. Leave those conversations for earlier in the day.
  3. Address and treat any sleep issues like sleep apnea with a medical professional. Snoring and breathing issues can cause unrest for both you and your partner. In the meantime, try breath right strips… it may be effective in getting a good nights sleep.

My honorable mentions:

  1. Pick out a bed together… you both can decide together what size, and type is best for your sleeping habits. This included pillows, comforters and duvets.
  2. Be considerate of each others patterns… example, if you partner is a light sleeper, than try to limit your liquid intake before bed if getting in out wakes him or her up.

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