About the Hype: Waist Slimmers



Pooch, faux baby bump, muffin top… no matter what we call it, we can all agree that belly fat is unwanted and waist slimmers may seem like solution for that annoying and highly stubborn stomach fat, but I am sorry to break it to you… per my research and experience, results are only temporary.

So What is it? A  waist slimming belt is a neoprene wrap designed to help reduce the circumference of your midsection through compression of your fat cells. Wearing a waist slimmer belt while working out may help you lose inches, but the your fat cells will return to normal once you decompress.

So bottom line it won’t strengthen or tone your stomach muscles. Only diet and exercise will actually flatten your stomach. Perhaps the use of shape wear when you want to wear form fitting clothes and regular consistent workouts such as pilates until you get where you want… Me included!

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