About the Hype: Alkaline Water


There are many brands of alkaline water on the market today that is  capitalizing on the “alkaline diet” trend.

What is alkaline diet? Well, its a concept where the body’s pH is regulated by food consumption and alkaline water is said to be treated to have a higher pH, and technically, be less acidic than tap or bottled water.

Now, it is said by many health scientist and researchers that the human body has very effective methods of regulating the pH in your blood and what we eat and drink will not affect your blood pH, unless you’re sick or have kidney issues. So perhaps it is not necessary to buy this type of water after all?

Personally, I do purchase and drink alkaline water and I do feel a difference as opposed to when I drink regular water from the tap or bottled water with low ph balance.

I think that it comes down to preference. I do believe that as long as we are drinking clean water and plenty of it on a daily basis then we are already investing wisely into our health and bodies.


What do you think? Comment down below!


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