Top Three Thursday: Top Three Ways to Know that your Relationship is in Trouble

  1. You stop communicating... I know this seems like an obvious and you may be 5thinking “yeah yeah we just stopped talking” but it is more of the talking that you are doing rather than not doing. Conversations become critical of the other person. Your arguments become out of control and disrespectful.
  2. You stop being intimate… the kisses become few and far between and you no longer have the desire to be together sexually. This is the downward spiral.
  3. Making an issue of the past… His past, her past, your past together… when a couple consistently dwells on the past whether it was negative experiences together, good experiences that you no longer have, good experiences that you had with another person that is a HUGE sign of trouble.

See my video below on what I believe to be the BIGGEST sign of a relationship in trouble.


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