About the Hype: Flip Flops


It is summer time and flip flops make an appearance. Many of us have them in all kinds of cute colors and designs. But while you are bouncing around town in your Michael Kors or Nike flip flops, consider this.

Flip-flops can lead to problems such as pain at the balls of your feet from lack of padding and tendon inflammation, since your toes flex and grip to keep the sandals on. They offer no arch support, heel cushioning, or shock absorption, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

Flip-flops give you some basic protection to the bottom of your foot to walk around poolside or on a surface that may be warm during the summer, so let’s consider reserving them for such occasions. I am very guilty of wearing flip flops while out running errands or just hanging out but with this research, I have decided to leave them for the beach.

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