Top Three Thursday: Top Three Things a woman Likes to Hear from a Man… including in bed


1. What do you think about—–? You may find this odd but even more than compliments, women like to know that you value our opinion on matters big or small not only to you but things going on in the world.

2. You are the first woman to ever—– I cannot express this enough but it is so sweet to know that you share something with your partner that is unique to the two of you. Adult dating means, its not likely that you will share a first kiss or date but other things can be just as sentimental. Example ” You are the first and only woman to make my heart race like this when we kiss” Umph!

3. You are or would make a great mother… even the most confident woman is a little insecure about how she would be as a mother. Hearing this from your partner is not only re-assuring but is a reminder of the kinds of nurturing qualities that you possess that he admires and appreciates.

Top Three things that women like to hear their man say in bed and three things to avoid…

  1. Bedroom Compliments- women love to hear that they are beautiful, sexy and desirable. Something as simple as “I just want to look at you for a moment” is not only arousing but affirms to her that you see her as a sexy woman and it goes beyond just the sex.
  2. Dirty Talk- with a balance. Think dirty not vulgar.
  3. Nothing! That is correct. Women love it when a man says nothing and just comes with a silent but sexy agenda that he wants her badly. No words needed, just action. Make sure to be smooth with it though.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Something sexy in another language.
  2. Something romantic during foreplay… i.e “you are the only woman in the world for me”
  3. How do you want it… enough said

Three things to avoid

  1. Complimenting your own genitalia and its size… its so annoying. Let her hand out the compliments
  2. Unnecessary chatter…
  3. Talking about getting her pregnant or having more kids. That may or may not go over well so leave that for a discussion of another time.


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