About the Hype: Coffee Scrubs to reduce Cellulite

Warning: Real Talk         Coffee-Scrub-Tutorial

Girl!! First off, EVERY woman has some cellulite. It may be a rare 3 % of women who don’t but most of us do and it does not make us any less sexy. Period. So if you are not cool with it, then get cool with it and if you man/partner is not cool with it then check his ass. Sexy is what it is no matter what’s on our bodies!

Now, that being said, this ‘ish still gets on our nerves right? I know it gets on mine and I can be honest and say I would like to reduce it as much as possible. Yep, for vanity reasons. I ain’t that confident.

So lets talk about the coffee scrubs and all the hype around the fact that the caffeine in the coffee will help reduce the cellulite. Before we go into it, let me say, two messy bathtubs later that no matter if you chose to make your coffee scrub at home or buy one at Sephora, before you go investing your time and money, please know that the only tried and true way to reduce cellulite is to work out. Reduce not vanish…

We have to squat, step, lunge and reshape our bodies to really tighten the muscle and reduce the appearance. What I have found is that exercise and especially weight training is the best way to get a handle on it.

I will tell you that what the coffee scrubs actually do is buffs away the dead skin on the area leaving it more smooth and the caffeine will temporarily reduce the appearance by making the cellulite less pronounced. Probably a great idea before a photo shoot or a day at the beach or pool.

So, all in all, Save a dollar and pop a squat!

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