Date Night


No one has mastered the art of getting ready for date night better than I have and I realized this weekend that I have it down to a perfect science. I am so good that while getting ready for my date I comprised this list of how to get ready for a hot date in less an hour. me

Confirm your date-If he has not called at least 3 hours before the date then give him a ring.

Pick out an outfit-Make sure it’s fitting for the occasion. A good rule of thumb: If you’re having dinner after 7pm then its best to be a little dressier. This is your time to wear something really sexy. If you are having lunch, then go a little more casual. Always check with your date for logistics. This will help you to plan appropriate attire. If he says it’s a surprise, then ask him what attire is best fitting. I would hate for you to show up for paintball in your little black dress.

Relax – Put on some music while you get ready to put yourself in a good and playful mood.

When showering, use a nice smelling shampoo and conditioner and a scented body wash. Wax or shave your underarms and your legs; especially if you’re wearing a dress or a skirt.

Brush your teeth and style your hair – Use a good mouthwash and be certain to floss your teeth really well. Pop in a mint or two or maybe a piece of gum to freshen your breath.

Style your hair so that it compliments your face. Don’t go overboard with styling gels and sprays. Keep it soft and touchable.

Take your time to apply your make-up- Set asisde an hour before your date picks you up to put on your face. You want it to look fresh but also have the chance to set and not look to “done”. If you have blemishes try using a concealer or foundation as a cover up, but make sure that you blend it well.

Waterproof eye makeup is always a good idea along with some type of color-stay lip color. You don’t want to spend your whole night touching up. If you are going to have on gloss, wear some that is not too sticky. You may want to kiss him at some point in the date.

Ditch your big oversized handbag for something small and trendy. Having a sexy clutch handbag just screams glamour even when you have on jeans and heels.

Always carry a small perfume (sample sizes are perfect) to freshen up and some breath mints.

Get dressed- When putting on your outfit, try not to smear your make-up.

Have fun and remember to just be yourself and be open to new places, foods, and experiences!

And please don’t wear flats on a first date; wear your heels and a fun dress. If its summer time a cute sundress  and an open toe sandal heel can go along way; it’s such a soft and feminine look! But at the end of the day, wear what makes you feel your most beautiful!

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