Keeping your Man Healthy

When your hunny gets sick, you may want to take a slow boat to China, but it is good for us to understand that though it may seem like he is being dramatic, the truth is, when men get sick, it is so much worse than women. Men’s bodies aren’t built to ward off viruses in the same way a woman’s can. So, if you have a special guy in your life we can do our part to helping him to stay healthy. Here are some ways to keep your guy in tip top shape.

Use your Time in bed…                                                couple-lying-in-bed-man-looking-under-the-blanket-while-woman-is-looking-amused

This is a great time to really check the health of your man and there are simple things to look for.

Morning Wood-Researchers have said that the best indicator that he’s doing okay is a morning erection. He should get one on a regular basis, when he wakes up or just before. In healthy men, this happens during periods of REM sleep because blood flow is increased, and testosterone levels are at the highest point of the day. That erection is a sign that the vascular, hormonal, neurological, and psychological systems are all working. When they become less frequent, it could be a sign that he is developing heart disease: When plaque starts to build up in the arteries, it often clogs up the tiny veins in the penis first. If a guy gets an erection five or six mornings a week, then you know he’s doing okay.

Snoring- Unfortunately it’s a sign of sleep apnea, which causes oxygen levels to drop, affecting the heart. If he is snoring on a constant basis, encourage him to make a visit to his PCP.

Does he sleep naked or pretty close to it? Offer him a massage. That is a great time to look over his skin and check him for anything that may look abnormal. Skin cancer is often left unchecked due to places he can’t see or had not thought was serious. Check his back, top of his head, or behind his ears for any spots that look unusual.


Get moving together!                                                                                                      men

Most men have the routine in the gym or their normal run/jog, BUT the body gets very comfortable when we do the same workout right? You have got to keep varying your exercises, and they have to be an age-appropriate mix of cardio, muscle training, and stretching. See if you can get him to do a yoga class with you. Or perhaps you can take a fun PUMP class at the gym together. It will be great for both of you and I think kinda romantic.

Nutrition and Vitamins– Hopefully your sweetie is a healthy eater and open minded. If so than your role in his diet will be less challenging, but if he isn’t, you may have to sneak in ways to keep his diet healthy and varied. I remember when I found out that my grandma used to finely chop beets and put it in my spaghetti sauce when I was a little girl. I thought, damn that it a great idea!!! Use that if you need it. There are all types of ways to sneak in nutrients into his diet. Turmeric is known to be a great anti-inflammatory and could be best added into his morning omelet. Elderberry syrup is a great immune booster that can be put into his smoothie or hot tea. Speaking of smoothie, sending him out the door in the morning with a morning smoothie is a great chance for you to slip lots of needed nutrients like spirulina which is incredibly high in protein and a good source of antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins A, K1, K2, B12 and iron, manganese and chromium.

And if you are the primary cook in your relationship, then try to make lean meat, veggie and fruit filled meals a habit. Also, make sure that he always gets a healthy lunch; if you are packing it GREAT, fill his bag with lots of healthy choices that will keep his energy and stamina up and away from the vending machines in the afternoon.

Smoking– if your sweetie is a smoker, then work with him on the quitting process. Remember that negative support will not help him to quit. Stay positive and discuss with his doctor the best approach to helping him to quit smoking.

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