Everything you need to know about Matcha



First off Matcha is a unique type of powdered green tea produced and grown in the hills of Japan.The word “matcha” simply means powdered. This type of tea can be mixed with food, taken orally or added to coffee and contains dozens of antioxidants that are crucial in fighting off free radicals and preventing various forms of cancer. It can also boost your metabolism and help with weight loss. Okay I am all about that!

Stress induces the brain’s beta waves, which leads to an agitated and unfocused state. By having Matcha in your diet (which contains 5x more L-Theanine than conventional green tea) the amino acid has been shown to increase the alpha waves in the brain, which lead to better concentration.

And we can’t forget the Aphrodisiac aspect-

Matcha powdered green tea works wonders when it comes to spicing up your sex life. This tea contains more than three times the amount of caffeine of regular black tea, or about as much as the average cup of coffee. The caffeine stimulates the heart, getting the blood pumping and the body warmed up and ready for action.

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