Makeover Monday-Your grocery list

6 easy ways to give your grocery list a face lift. 

1. Produce- Skip the grocery store and consider the farmers market for your produce. Not only will you find the best locally grown (in season) produce, it’s likely you will find other add ins from your community like fresh raw honey, cheese, special butters and preserves. I love my local farmers market!

2. Learn how to make your own bread and shop for flour instead. Not only does your flour last a lot longer than a store bought loaf of bread but you can make the bread to your liking. Shop the thrift and discount close out stores for a bread machine and start experimenting with your favorite ingredients. Think Rosemary and sea salt bread. Search for new recipes and experiment with pizza dough, flat breads, biscuits; whatever you’re into.

3. Organic- pesticide and chemical free is always the healthier option

4. Change it up- if you buy- hemp seeds consider chia seeds, regular yogurt can be swapped out for Greek yogurt, and bottles of iced tea don’t hold a candle to the herbal teas that you can make yourself.

5. Skip the sugary juices and hit the frozen drink section a try. Frozen condensed juices and lemonades can be doctored up with some very tasty add- ins like fresh blueberries, basil, and can be made to your liking without the extra sugar.

6. Swap out the store bought dressings and buy the ingredients to make your own; the individual ingredients can be used for other recipes and the dressing will be much healthier for you. See this recipe for a simple balsamic dressing

Do it yourself balsamic dressing

½ cup olive oil

2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar

A pinch of salt and pepper

1 clove crushed garlic

Whisk together in a bowl and store covered in the fridge. Will store for ten days. Just let the dressing come to room temperature just before serving.

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