How well do you know your kitchen utensils?

1. Every good chef needs an assortment of knives at his disposal. What type of knife would be best suited for slicing up a loaf of sour dough?

A. Serrated knife

B. Paring knife

C. Chef’s knife

D. Fillet knife

2. This special utensil is commonly used to remove the top part of the skin from fruit like oranges and lemons.

A. Peeler

B. Zester


D. Grater

3. Which of the following items listed below does not fit with the others?

A. Colander

B. Sieve

C. Ricer

D. Strainer

4. One very specialized tool found in the kitchen drawer has the singular purpose of cutting out small balls of fruit. It is called a ________ baller.

A. Pineapple

B. Jackie

C. Cantaloupe

D. Melon

5. A bain-marie can be used in the kitchen to melt chocolate or make custards and sauces. What is it more commonly known as?

A. Pressure cooker

B. Crockpot

C. Double boiler

D. Browning tray

6. This interesting kitchen aid is a perforated pot with a hand turned scraper. It sits on top of a bowl and is great for crushing fruit and removing seeds as well as mashing a variety of solids. What is the name of this item that is commonly referred to by its original manufacturer’s name?

A. Dutch pan

B. Master’s pot

C.Foley mill

D. Kimble pan

7. Typically when a chef needs to chop up small amounts of vegetables and herbs a simple knife does the job. However, there is another choice to perform this job but it requires both hands as it has two handles. What is it?

A. Mezzaluna

B. Mandoline

C. Chinois

D. Double cutter

8. This unique knife, originating in Japan, has become more common in the U.S. of recent. It is differentiated from other kitchen knives because of its shape and overall look, which often incorporates a Granton edge to keep materials from sticking to the blade during chopping.

A. Santoku

B. Panko

C. Aonori

D. Makisu

9. Crème brulee — dessert custard topped with hard caramel — is typically served in a small glazed ceramic serving bowl. What is the name of this bowl?

A. Ramadan

B. Ramen

C. Ramekin

D. Rameses

10. You’ve just returned from the market with a beautiful loaf of bread. The crust has been split on purpose on the top to let the bread “bloom” while baking. What utensil is used to score the dough before sticking it in the oven?

A. Tamis

B. Chimta

C. Banneton

D. Lame

1 .The correct answer is Serrated knife

While you could chop through bread with any of these, a serrated knife would work the best. The edge of a serrated knife is notched like a saw and that allows it to easily cut items which have a hard outer surface and a soft interior, like bread and tomatoes. These knives come in all sizes and the largest is also commonly known as a bread knife.

2. The correct answer is Zester

The “zest” is the top portion of the peel from a citrus fruit. This tool allows for the easy removal of the aromatic, oily zest from the bitter pith of the peel. The zest is used for flavoring dishes or as a nice garnish for drinks.

3. The correct answer is Ricer

While all of these utensils have small holes to process food through, only the ricer requires that the chef actually force the food by applying pressure. A ricer can be used to make various types of noodles and dumplings among other dishes.

4. The correct answer is Melon

The melon baller cuts out roughly 1″ or so sized balls from fruits like cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew, etc. (I suppose you could fill a bowl with ice cream using it too, but you’d be there a while!)

5. The correct answer is Double boiler

It is essentially a pot over another pot filled with water. The water is brought to a boil which then causes the upper pot to stabilize at a high temperature without the risk of scalding or burning its contents.

6. The correct answer is Foley mill

The original Foley food mill was known for its quality and versatility. Made from stainless steel and extremely durable, these are especially popular with people who do canning, make jellies and jams, or make other goods with fresh fruits and vegetables.

7. The correct answer is Mezzaluna

The mezzaluna (“half moon”) is constructed of either one or two curved blades with vertical handles at each end. An efficient rocking motion is used to cut up produce for use. Also referred to as a crescent knife, this utensil can take a little practice to master.

8. The correct answer is Santoku

Santoku translates from Japanese essentially as “three virtues.” This is because the knife is so well suited for chopping, dicing and mincing. It looks like a cross between a cleaver and a large chef’s knife and is a great tool to have in the kitchen.

9. the correct answer is Ramekin

A ramekin can also be used to serve dishes like soufflés or to individually present a garnish or condiment. Since the ramekin is typically a ceramic dish it has the added feature of being able to be put directly in the oven.

10. The correct answer is Lame

A lame (pronounced “lahm”) is a utensil with a razor sharp double sided blade attached to a long handle. The blade can be curved and it is very thin in order to give the bread maker more control over the scoring and, hence, final appearance of the bread.

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