Makeover Monday- Deodorant


Antiperspirant utilizes aluminum to block sweat from escaping. Sweating is a natural process of cooling and detoxifying your body. Unfortunately, your deodorant, and particularly your antiperspirant, could be interfering with your body’s natural attempts to remove toxins and could potentially be causing long term health effects like breast cancer.  Consider making the switch to natural deodorants. Natural deodorants allow for your under arm area to detox daily and release the toxins and bacteria from your body.

I will be honest with you, when making the switch, you may notice a temporary increase in the following:

Sweat: The theory goes that once your sweat glands are freed of aluminum, they may release fluids previously blocked antiperspirants, causing an increase in moisture.

Odor: The idea here is that the flushing of the system and increased apocrine sweat gland activity results in increased moisture and sweat which undesirably interacts with odor-causing bacteria.

Sensitivity: With an increase in bacteria being released via the lymphatic system, it may be that some individuals experience increased sensitivity or tenderness as the body filters out undesired materials.

Staying hydrated helps your body remove everyday toxins in an efficient way and can help prevent body odor. Make sure you’re drinking safe, clean water for the best benefit.logo

I cant say enough good things about Naked Bar Soap Co. Pit Cream deodorant. I am not a paid spokes person and I am not getting anything from them to endorse this product. I just know that it worked for me. I tried so many deodorants and even tried making my own. This has been the perfect fit for what I needed.

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