The World’s Sexiest Foods According to Christina

1. Cherries-You can drive any man wild with a cherry in your mouth and it makes any woman look sexy!

2. Frozen bananas on a stick dipped in chocolate– You don’t even need a recipe…

3. Brie with honey– melt a wedge of Brie with some honey drizzled on it and serve the melted Brie with apples and grapes. Makes feeding each other a lot of fun!

4. Chocolate covered strawberries and whipped cream- A classic!

5. Cinnamon Buns– Finger licking can be so sweet and sexy….

6. Pineapple– It’s sweet and juicy and you will have so much fun licking the juice that’s inevitably running down your forearm. Soak some pineapples rings in Rum if you so dare.

7. Chocolate fondue– Chocolate releases the same chemicals as sex… Do I need to say anymore about that?

8. Artichokes- An artichoke that has been rubbed with lemon and steamed to tenderness is quiet erotic. Enjoy by plucking each warm leaf from the bud, dipping it in melted butter, place it on your tongue, and close your teeth upon it; slide the succulent morsel between your clenched teeth and savor it.

9. Ice Cream Cones-Yes, ice cream cones, its old fashion and romantic; and think about how sexy it is to see your partner licking all of that luscious cream dripping down the sides.

10. Anything you can eat with your fingers – Think Moroccan or Middle-Eastern dishes

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