He got the reservations, you take care of dessert.


Your sweetie has taken you to a nice dinner. Ordered the best wine and treated you like a queen for the day. Why not have a special dessert ready at home after dinner. There are lots of recipes that are simple and easy to make and can be made ahead of time!

Here are some ideas that won’t have you spending all evening in the kitchen and will have you cuddling on the couch in no time. 

Dessert in a Jar- Get a couple of mason jars and fill the bottoms with a sweet base such as graham cracker crumbs, crushed oreos, or granola. Add a filling; think cherry or apple pie filling, vanilla or chocolate pudding, or ice cream. Be sure to top it off with something soft like whipped cream for added goodness.

Pick up some specialty chocolates from a local chocolatier and serve with your favorite wine.

Do you know his favorite dessert? Find out and take a stab at preparing it or if you are not so inclined, perhaps you can pick one up and serve with a special addition. If he likes pound cake, Sara Lee makes a great one. Slice it up and drizzle it with caramel sauce and finish with some crushed pecans.

You can’t forget about the classic champagne and strawberries; dropping one of these delicious fruits into a champagne flute to share with your love makes for a sexy dessert that you both can have fun with.

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