The Queen’s Jewels

Necklace gifted Paparazzi Accessories 

Just because you lack a title doesn’t mean that you are not deserving of donning a tiara whenever you get ready or having access to the most fabulous jewelry and accessories. There are so many sites and stores dedicated to finding the perfect pieces to match your style and budget.

Some of my favorites include:

Budget Friendly sites:

Shop Miss A (where was this when I was a teenager?)

Stargaze Jewelry (beautiful website)

Paparazzi Accessories

Overstock (great for sunglasses, purses and jewelry)

Cents of Style (when I want to feel inspired)

Etsy (well of course)

It is always a bonus to have some investment, heirloom and vintage pieces in your collection. Look to mom and grandma for vintage jewelry and accessories that parallel your style. For investment pieces, if you have some cash to spend but don’t want to completely drain your savings and shoe money, consider looking at sites like Rue La La, Ice or Gilt. You can also hit up the clearance section of your local jewelry stores like Jared, Zales and Reeds. Department stores are also another great option! Think Nordstrom and Macys!

Jewelry Liquidation sites are fantastic too!

Think about what your signature pieces will be and make them your investment. This will be jewelry that you will likely wear more often and you don’t want pieces that will wear down and fade. Pick high quality metals and stones that will stand the test of time and external elements.

All hail!

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