Spring is coming

Spring is coming and one of my favorite things about Spring (besides fun dresses and open toe shoes) is the fruits and vegetables! My favorite fruits and vegetables just happen to be in peak during the months of March, April and May. I have comprised a list of all the fruits and veggies that are just ripe for the picking! Enjoy!

• Apricots
• Artichokes
• Arugula
• Asparagus
• Beets
• Carrots
• Chard and other greens (particularly in colder regions)
• Cherries (seasons starts some places at the end of spring)
• Fennel
• Garlic scapes/green garlic
• Grapefruit
• Green onions/scallions
• Kumquats (end)
• Leeks (end)
• Lemons
• Lettuce
• Nettles
• Spring onions
• Navel oranges (end)
• Parsley
• Peas (garden, snap, snow, etc.)
• Radishes
• Rhubarb
• Scallions/green onions
• Spinach
• Strawberries
• Turnips

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